Recovery Coach

Your new life without alcohol and drugs has many pitfalls. I myself fell into these several times, so I now know how to circumvent these pitfalls. Together with me, you will learn to recognize and resist the triggers that lead to a relapse. Your addiction treatment is the foundation for a life in recovery, but without further guidance 70% fall back to their old patterns. I hope you want to prevent this and get started with me.

I am Certified Recovery Coach. Professional, a specialist and experience expert. I give you the attention and guidance you need if you have successfully completed your addiction treatment. You and I will focus on the present and the near future. That’s the difference between me and a therapist; a therapist looks at past dysfunctions and diagnosis. I look at how to get the best out of yourself and how to realize a structured and healthy future.

How do I work as a Recovery Coach?

I make sure that you are able to take the necessary actions and actually follow through to ensure that you do not use alcohol, drugs or other means to change your mood. I guide you very intensively, one-on-one. Together, we set goals to advance your recovery.

In recovery, I help you in dealing with challenges in your daily life. I know like no other what challenges present themselves and how much you would like to walk away from them sometimes. With my help you put the right steps in the right direction. Finding a job, restoring contact with your family, making good friends and the right choices. I can teach you that.

I am social, personal and very practical. I do not think in problems, but in solutions. Are you still on the fence whether or not to start Recovery Coaching? Just contact me [link to contact page], then we’ll look at how we can tackle it together.

What are the principles of recovery coaching?

With everyone I assisted as a Recovery Coach, I work from set principles.

  • Encouragement: You have everything within your reach to achieve your goals. You are the source of all your possibilities. You only need the right encouragement, which I will provide.
  • Ongoing action: I teach you to stay in action. You will learn to use the forces you first needed to survive, to stay in recovery.
  • Self-esteem and empowerment: the positive experiences from your past, will be used in the present and in the future. With this your long-term recovery is achievable.
  • Goal oriented: Together we make realistic goals and I will teach you how to reach them.

My duties as Recovery Coach

You now know in broad terms what I can do for you. I’m going to help you make sure you do not fall into the same pitfalls as I did and that you won’t relapse. In concrete terms, this includes the following things.


  • Assisting you in finding meetings
  • Learning to live with a daily relapse prevention plan
  • I will support you in finding a sponsor: someone who has been clean for a while and motivates you to persist stopping
  • Providing psycho-education on the way addiction works

Physical well-being

  • Provide nutrition advice
  • Support with eating problems
  • I oversee physical activity and exercise
  • Together we set up a self-care plan

Finance and living-budget

  • Creating a living-budget
  • Point out if you spend more money than planned
  • I support you in regaining the financial trust of your family and other stakeholders

Career and social reintegration

  • You will learn to use useful tools for finding suitable work
  • You will be helped to find useful resources for following a study program

Crisis support

  • I can be there for you 24/7 in support of a crisis situation, such as an imminent relapse
  • We create a crisis signaling plan (CSP)

And there is so much more. I’ll be with you every step of the way to long-term recovery. What I do is unique in the Netherlands and has only produced great results so far. Will you also take this opportunity?

Voor vragen of het maken van een afspraak zijn wij dagelijks bereikbaar van 09:00 tot 20:00 uur.

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